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Project Volunteer (Portsmouth)

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As a charity we want to be the best we can and engage as many people as possible to get them donating, fundraising and raising awareness. There are mini-projects happening in your community that’ll help us achieve that and you can help. This is a terrific role for you to get stuck into and all you’ll need is a computer and a phone.

You’ll be researching local businesses, schools and organisations for you and local fundraisers to engage with. You’ll also look for potential opportunities and different ways to promote local fundraising activities happening in your community. So, you’ll need to feel confident speaking to different people over the phone, using the internet to carry out research and creating a spreadsheet or report for your Community Fundraising Manager. And once you've done that, you could get involved in the organisation and delivery of different events and initiatives. Each local community is different and with your help we can make the most of the interests and opportunities your local one provides.

You're not on your own as your manager is only a phone call away and what’s great is there’s also a team of local volunteers you can link in with too. It’d be great if you can spare a few hours a week for at least six months. This role’s really flexible and can be done any time to fit around your other commitments and even better in the comfort of your own home (you can even wear your PJ’s if you want!). If you’re over 18 just click on Apply!