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Campaign Champion

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We've made enormous progress for children around the world and we want to continue increasing children's life chances.

As a Campaign Champion you'll be involved in a wide range of exciting activities. From approaching your MP to working with local groups, arranging publicity stunts to publicising them through the media - there really will never be a dull moment! And the good news is you get to decide how and when you volunteer.

Of course, to be effective it will really need about a day a month of your time and energy, and we'd ask you to volunteer for at least 6 months. In that time you'll see your local network grow and be able to get really involved with our campaigns.

You don't need any specialist knowledge - just be willing to learn about what Save the Children does and what we need people to do (and be at least 18 years old). We've got loads of resources and support, if you've got the energy and enthusiasm. You'll have your own manager at the end of a phone or email and lots of other volunteers doing the same role that you can get help and advice from.

This is such a great role for anyone wanting to volunteer in the evenings or weekends, at a time to suit them. Volunteering that fits around your life and is in your own local community gives you the best of everything. So if you want a truly rewarding role, where you get to encourage the decision-makers of the country sit up and listen, Campaign Champion could be the perfect role for you.