Changemaker (Generation Hope)

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A global cost-of-living crisis, gaping inequality and an overheating planet are all symptoms of a world that isn’t working for children.

Fossil fuel expansion contributes to this broken world, powering the climate emergency by releasing a devastating amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Taking oil and gas out of the ground worsens the climate crisis, endangers children’s futures and their right to inherit a liveable world. Against the science, decision-makers are allowing new oil and gas sites to be developed. That’s why Save the Children UK is calling for no new fossil fuels.

In 2022, we spoke to 54,000 children and young people across 45 countries. They told us that they want a greener and fairer future, but they can’t do it alone. They need adults to stand up and speak out.

That future starts with you. In your city, town or village. In your school, workplace, or community centre. In conversation with your friends, neighbours or elected officials.

As a Changemaker, you’ll build public and political support for putting an end to new fossil fuels by organising stunts, collecting petitions and lobbying your MP. Your voice will let those in power know that we care about creating a better world for all children.

It has never been more important to make your voice heard and to help build a more just world for children everywhere.

We also want to recruit volunteer leaders to build a team of members in their area. If you would like to be a group leader, please look for the Changemakers Leader opportunity.

Recruitment is ongoing- there is no deadline. If there isn't already a team of volunteers where you live, we may have a discussion with you about whether you would like to start another team.

Please contact if you have any questions about this role.

How you’ll hear about your application Once you’ve applied, you’ll receive notifications to the email address you apply with. Sometimes the emails we send about your application go into junk folders. We will keep in touch with you through an email address ending in, do check your junk folder for confirmation of your application and other messages from us.

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